Summer Dance Programs



We are so excited to be offering some new camps this summer! Most of our camps include dancing, crafts and fun activities related to theme of that week! We have something for everyone!

Team Prep Camp
Dates:  June 3rd - 7th
Ages: 4 and up
Auditions following on the 8th

Pop Star Camp
Dates:  June 24th- 28th
Ages:  5-10

Junior Technique Camp
Dates: June 24th - 28th
Ages 9-13

The Greatest Show On Earth Camp
Dates: July 8th - 12th
Ages: 6-12

Princess Camp
Dates:  July 15th - 19th
Ages 2.5-5

Petite Technique Camp
Dates: August 5th - 9th
Ages: 4-8



Our intensives are set up for our intermediate and advanced dancers ages 8 and up to have a full day of dance and truly focus on technique and style.  There are master classes for style scattered throughout all of these and there is ballet for that core technique emphasis everyday.

* Ballet Intensive May 28th - June 1st

* Week One: June 3rd - 7th
Technique Based

* Week Two:  July 8th - 12th
Contemporary Based

* Week Three:  July 15th - 19th
Commercial Dance Based

* Week Four :  August 5th - 9th
Ballet Intensive

* G4 August 2nd - 4th
(2018-2019 Team Members will be auto enrolled)

*  Invite Only Intensive - more information to be released ASAP.  This intensive is to take the place of Elite dancers having to travel.  It is limited to 15 dancers and is by invite only. These dancers will work hand in hand for days - (more than just a master class) -  with instructors such as Angel Armas. It is for dancers that want to be pushed to the next level.

I spent a ton of time talking to several industry leaders and looking for intensives for several of our 11-14 year old dancers over the past month.  They just aren’t there. And if they do have them they are 2-3,000 dollars for two weeks. Then airfare, room and board, and - because they are young - they have to have a chaperone and so that is time off work.  So, we are bringing that type of intensive to WADA. Please stay on the lookout for your invite.


Lil Stars
9:30-10:15 Monday
2:30-3:15 Wednesday
9:30-10:15 Thursdays
9:30-10:15 Saturdays

Shooting Stars
10:15-11:00 Mondays
3:15-4:00 Wednesdays
10:15-11:00 Thursdays
10:15-11:00 Saturdays

Shining Stars 1 and 2 Ballet, Tap and Jazz combo
11:00-12:00 Mondays
4:00-5:00 Wednesdays
11:00-12:00 Thursdays
11:00-12:00 Saturdays

Shining Stars 3
Monday and Wednesday 9:00-11:00

Rising Stars 1 and 2
11:00-1:00 Tuesdays
11:00-1:00 Thursdays

Rising Star 3
9:00-11:00 Tuesdays
9:00-11:00 Thursdays
10:00-11:30 Wednesdays (optional hip hop)

Rising Star 4
11:00-1:00 Mondays
9:00-11:00 tuesdays
11:00-12:30 Wednesdays (optional)
9:00-11:00 Thursdays

Super Nova
9:00-12:00 Monday
9:00-11:30 Wednesday
11:00-1:00 Thursday Optional classes

Hip Hop
Shining 2/3 Monday 10:30-11:00
Rising Star 1-3 10:00-10:45 Wednesdays
Rising Star 4 Hip Hop 11:00-11:45 Wednesdays
Super Nova Hip Hop 9:00-9:45 Wednesdays